Sunday, February 15, 2009

Fresh and clean, finally.

I am fresh and clean, finally.
This past weekend was Harvest Men's Retreat. We camped out in Ramona somewhere. At my greatest clothing depth, I wore 6 layers on top, 2 layers on bottom, two socks on each foot, gloves, and a hat. It was cold. We ate well, though. I've never seen so much protein in my life.

I am very encouraged by the brothers at Harvest. My favorite part of the retreat was the many side conversations that I had - where I and another brother stepped away from the rest of the crowd and talked. Everyone's desire to pray and to grow as biblical leaders and men ministered to my own heart.

Something that Chris said during the first message has stuck in my mind. We need to not only KNOW truth, but to have an AFFECTION for truth. If we merely know truth, when push comes to shove, we won't act upon it. But if I LOVE truth, then I will stand for it. Knowing something doesn't necessarily attach an obligation - but loving something certainly does.

I was also humbled by Chris's desire to speak the truth in love, and preach it straight. I balk from such direct confrontation as what took place in some of those messages. That's something that I desire to grow in - caring more that the truth is being preached than caring about people's hurt feelings, if they are in sin.

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